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International fitness expert Tracey Mallett tells why she choose JumpSport Fitness for her new trampoline based “bootybarre BOUNCE” instructor training course. Tracey explains she choose the JumpSport trampoline because of product quality, sturdy design and most of all the safety component. Tracey loves the total body conditioning especially working the core and pelvic floor on the JumpSport trampoline.

Tracey’s bootybarre BOUNCE class is a full-body workout combining Ballet, Pilates, Dance, Yoga and Cardio on the JumpSport Fitness trampoline. The workout is designed to tone your body, increase circulation, balance and endurance.

Tracey Mallett is a well known celebrity trainer who has appeared on several TV programs including the Ellen Degeneres Show, Style Network, Access Hollywood and others.

Tracey has several DVDs including the highly acclaimed “svelteU DVD Series”.

Find out about Tracey’s “bootybarre BOUNCE” Instructor Training at: https://bootybarre.com

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  1. Tina Turbin
    Tina Turbin says:

    Any chance you will ever put this routine on dvd? So many of us don't have access to a computer when we workout or can't afford all the subscriptions for variety. Please consider it. OR adding it on Youtube for free would be amazing… like so many others have done.


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