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From http://famouspt.com/ “Famous” Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck give you their top 3 steps for treating Hip Bursitis and throw in 2 bonus tips, 2 bonus stretches and 1 strengthening exercise just to make sure you get the best of the best tips available because we know YOU are our favorite subscriber!!

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35 replies
  1. Beth Merrill-Bauer
    Beth Merrill-Bauer says:

    Hey Guys!! Thanks for the information. I've been doing some of the stretches & strengthening exercise but haven't reduced activity much nor used a cane. One quick question — what do I do about sleeping & reducing impact when I have issues in BOTH hips? I've gotten shots but am also dealing with recovery from spinal fusion surgery (minimally invasive). Ironically, the pain I was battling that led to surgery was never as bad in my back as it was in my hips. So, ideas?

  2. Aubrey Fore
    Aubrey Fore says:

    Please I need your help. I can't do this stretch on my right hip. I've had bursitis since I was 16 (I'm 31) but I've never had an orthopedist look into whether I have other issues involved. This is what I had been told for awhile though, simply, bursitis. When I try to do the same exact stretch as you, I can't even bear weight from mid thigh to hip. I can roll on my gluteus and that feels fine
    It's my outter hip and thigh. Could you weigh in on what is possibly wrong and how to do another less painful stretch?

  3. Wise Woman Tarot
    Wise Woman Tarot says:

    My protocol that works well is 600 mg Ibuprofen 2 times a day and ice pack for 20 min. 3 times a day. And I try to stay immobile b/c as you said, repetitive actions such as walking irritates. This protocol is supposed to take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to heal the bursitis. I used a different protocol on my knee a few years back and it worked a miracle….20 min. ice pack every 2 hours and 400 mg Ibuprofen with it. I have had this bursitis in my hip for about 2 years now before I finally was told it was bursitis by a doctor. It was so bad I couldn't stand up straight in the mornings. So I just started the first protocol about 3 days ago, and the pain is mostly gone now. Due to other issues I haven't started exercises yet, but will do so now…thanks for the wonderful information.

  4. marshafisch
    marshafisch says:

    1, 2, 3 – Exercises – Thank you for keeping it simple. I get soooooo overwhelmed with the handout exercises suggested from doctors that I don't do anything. Loved ALL the comments too. I feel so alone with all this pain… for so long. But, thank God I can still walk and still work. Housework? I do it but man is it a killer. Between my hip and back pain it takes me days to recover.


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