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I recently expanded on the exercises in this video. Check out the first link below to check out that video!

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38 replies
  1. i. rob
    i. rob says:

    I heard that a man sitting on his wallet in his right butt pocket was sufficent to give assymetric pelvic tilt, whilst driving or sitting at his desk for prolonged periods. I try to avoid this and feel improvement.

  2. KaptainBasketball
    KaptainBasketball says:

    I've had lower back pain for 2 years now.I live in Canada and it takes literally half an year to get an appointment, I've gone to multiple hospitals and they just brush it off as if it's nothing.But it hurts like crazy, I can't sit,stand,walk or do anything because the pain is just too much.Throughiut the whole day I have to suffer with this pain.The doctors still haven't figured out what my injury and just keep telling me to do useless exercises and take meds which obviously haven't been working for the last 2 years.I really wanted to play D1 college ball but had to sit out for my final year out high school and my first year of college.Had so many big plans but everything really got ruined because of this injury and that time I wasted will never come back.Hopefully I try these exercises and they give me just a little bit of relief

  3. sjearly13
    sjearly13 says:

    Oh my gosh. Immediate relief for my back bothering me all day. My low back has bothered me for years and so nice to discover why and how to help it out!

    Question, I DO sleep on my side the way shown- how should I change that? It's said to be best to sleep on the side for some things, how do I help my pelvis not get out of alignment?

  4. Matt In NJ
    Matt In NJ says:


    I have been through hell and back. Fusion surgery, epidural injections, Medrol packs, ….never ending pain and sleepless nights month after month

    No doctors or surgeons could find the problem. They started to think I was lying to them

    I almost lost my job and my marriage

    And then a simple visit to a chiro where he diagnosed the issue in 2 minutes.

    These exercises really help in between chiro visits

    Thank you so very much!!!

  5. EmMused
    EmMused says:

    I have done these exercises for a while now and while my SIJ pain is not as bad as that of some other people, it s constant. I can hear my SIJ realigning every time I do them, but I'm hypermobile, so my joint never stays in place. Do you have any recommended solutions to this issue? Thank you.

  6. Celeste Binus
    Celeste Binus says:

    I subscribed and would have hit the like button a million times, if possible!
    What a great explanation!! Didn't try it yet (was too anxious to comment and thank you), but it just makes so much sense! So, thank you, thank you!!

  7. Dhaval Soneji
    Dhaval Soneji says:

    Can this be used if we are suffering from L4/L5 disc buldging and L5/S1 disc degenration? This is an additional diagnosis with SI joint pain…what exercise are recommended when a person has SI joint pain along with L4/L5 disc bulging and L5/S1 disc degenration…pls advise.

  8. Mr Hallman
    Mr Hallman says:

    I have had Si joint pain for years, it come and goes and in the last week it is been very bad, can't sleep, have trouble just walking. I have seen the first exercise before and have been try it, but I just did the second exercise and felt much better after just doing it once. Amazing!

  9. Andy Roos
    Andy Roos says:

    Is the lateral shift usually away from the painful side? That is, if my pain is on the left, could I be standing in a way where my left hip / pelvis is higher than right?


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