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Today I explore some of the ways in which we might learn to pray with and incorporate the Saturn/Pluto conjunction into our spiritual life and practices.

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27 replies
  1. busyboy63
    busyboy63 says:

    I really appreciate these videos you make for us. I feel so fortunate that I discovered you and your work. Your intelligence and insight and INTUITION are beautiful and helpful beyond words. Thank you.

  2. Acyuta-bhava Das
    Acyuta-bhava Das says:

    A note of respect to all religions and religious scholars…some say that Jacob was wrestling an angel, and not God…whatever the case may have been, it does not change the essence of the story, in my humble opinion. Thanks everyone!!

  3. Helen Sekulovski
    Helen Sekulovski says:

    Brilliant! “I’m not letting go-I’ll wrestle with this until you show me how I can serve you.” Wow, wow, wow! So terrific. I’ll incorporate that in my prayers. Transiting Saturn/Pluto opposing my natal Saturn 18° currently. 2/8 houses. Gemini rising 13°. I think you’re an amazing astrologer – watch everything you put out. ??

  4. Beth 8
    Beth 8 says:

    Awesome prayer. I'm a Leo and this transit has been the hardest emotionally because of enemy situations. I'm dealing with an Aquarius relative That needs to let go of a situation that's harming the family unit and my emotional well being. I haven't been depressed this long before. I've even stopped talking to my friends for several months because this.

  5. Reydiant Reality
    Reydiant Reality says:

    This is exactly what I did. I could and can feel so much of these energies literally flowing through my mind and body and because it’s bouncing around in my 6th/12th Axis.

    It’s bought so much up, within and through me and it has been humbling just to observe.

    I asked both Saturn and Pluto what they wanted and need from me and how I could come through this time in the way that was best for moving beyond.

    It’s an amazing and exciting time to be alive and I am literally just listening with all my senses because big change is coming.

    Thanks Acyuta, as ever. Powerful and magical and so, so deep.

    I always feel nourished at a soul level after listening to you. Thanks for everything.



  6. shantielives
    shantielives says:

    I have never had any attraction for poetry, with that said I am able to hear the story within the poem that I otherwise could not have ever heard. Thank You Acyuta -bhava your Divine Intelligence does indeed carry real integrity, what a treat,by your works you shall be known ,your voice,your projection,your ability to project the truth in a way that demands attention! So thankful.
    I'm going to stop typing now. Sending Blessings of Peace,Love and Prosperity!
    Big Hugzzzzz Shanti

  7. ondix
    ondix says:

    wow again …..returned to india last week feeling quiet demure and watchful. last saturday my first day home in goa i was driving peacefully to beach and out of nowhere a taxi came straight unto me in an intersection. crashed into my front side & i was catapulted off my scooter over the car across the intersection and landed inches from a cement pole on rt and a wall in front….. just on a soft spot off the asphalt road. never mind i landed on my big toe , breaking my fall and rolled gently back to roll forward to make light of what happened to my body. i looked at my feet first, my toe in pain , & my shin which was white n raw from a nasty abrasion and then i thought i had been cradled by spirit in those few seconds…. my eyes were open but i could only see myself as if in karnipidasana tumbling in air….dont know where my leg scraped but i do know. the great guru in the sky had spotted my fall
    ….and the driver that hit me momentarily stood over me shouting at me but i just looked at him and said im ok. he then changed and loving kindness for the next 2 hours he took me the best hospital he knew, stayed w me through the er and then took me home as if he were my brother. when i reached home my tears were streaming in LOVE not fear for everything felt mythical….i am so moved that i cant stop feeling what you are speaking about here. last week i have been immobile healing the wound on my foot and leg and really being seated in the Grace of the miracle of LOVE beyond all else. thank you for your intuitive blessing of wisdom and insight in our lives. xx ondi

  8. C B
    C B says:

    Thank you. Saturn on 10th/11th house cusp has gone in exact trine to Venus in Virgo 6th. I took on a heavy assignment to care for a man degenerating with ALS. I recently have been wishing to break free of authority but was asked to step up and take more responsibility with his care. The trine has been supporting me to step up to this task. Last week he instigated the "What happens to you when you die" query, of which I know he is of atheist bent, and I was able to use my spiritual knowledge to walk him through his thoughts on this heavy topic. Heavy times indeed, with Love.

  9. willow bell
    willow bell says:

    i don't think the issue is resolved, I presume it feeds into the debates about the nature of Christ. Anyway it's good to say you are speaking from a Protestant perspective.

  10. Jd Ck
    Jd Ck says:

    I did exactly this same thing one night leaning against one of the Avebury circle stones while looking up at the starry sky thinking someone else may have stood in this exact spot looking at the stars thousands of years ago. At that, I felt the stone strongly vibrate which made me jump

  11. Bre Louise
    Bre Louise says:

    Thank you, Adam! I am learning to fall back in love with the rigor of maintaining my discipline toward my studies. I think this transit is empowering. A couple of sextiles with these planets that are approaching nataly !

  12. Jem Rocks
    Jem Rocks says:

    It is easy to mix the full moon eclipse in cancer into this one. I have had intense phone calls from my daughter. I have Mars 20 Cap in House 5. Natal Saturn retro conjunct natal Moon in House 4. I have been intensely looking for housing. And have been working hard on hobbies too, wondering if I can make money doing them, or just make a place of peace amongst the turmoil. Making hard decisions about spending money in the short run for long term gain and happiness. H5 Pluto Saturn conjunction square H8 and H2. Not easy right now. Intense letting go of past loves too.

  13. Terrie Vaden
    Terrie Vaden says:

    Beautiful Acyuta. I was born with a Saturn-Pluto opposition in Pisces-Virgo, Sun in Cancer 1965. I relate so well to the prayer and the topic of your talk. It has been the theme of my entire life. There is always a silver lining and a saving grace in life if you care to look for it. I have found an amazing and beautiful truth in this quote, however, I cannot recall who it came from: "Take one step towards Gods and they will take ten steps towards you". I found that in my deepest life crisis when I reached out to God and the Universe feeling absolutely defeated in life and looking for answers as to the meaning and purpose of it all, I was shown the way in the most amazing and unexpected serendipitous, kizmet ways. I began to see how the Universe communicates in symbolism and that led me to Astrology and then to your ancient astrology course, which has now become my spiritual practice as well. It has completely blown my mind. Thank you for all you do.

  14. Jiv Jago
    Jiv Jago says:

    So our attachment is so strong. That even it is duḥkhālayam… Just like some hogs, they are living in filthy place and eating stool. And if you say that "I will take you somewhere else, a good place," then they will not go there. This happened. It is stated in the Bhāgavata that once the king of heaven, he was cursed to become hog. And he was living amongst the hog society. And when Lord Brahmā came to call him back, that "Mr. such and such, for your bad behavior you became hog. Now come back to heaven," so he refused, "No, I have got so much responsibility. I cannot go." You see? This is material… It is called māyā, illusion. Even you are in the most abominable condition of life, we will feel, "Now we are very happy." So that is our position. We do not want to leave this place. Therefore we create nationalism, Communism, this "ism," that "ism," because we want to stay here permanently. But unfortunately nobody will be allowed to stay even if you want to stay. That is the miserable condition of material life. Duḥkhālayam aśāśvatam [Bg. 8.15]. So we have to leave this place. And when we leave, then, according to our proportion of sinful or pious activities, we get next body. So those who are very, very sinful, they go to the hellish condition of life, the planets. They are down this universe. There is the kingdom of Pluto, or Yamarāja. And he comes at the time of death, and the sinful man… Is very, very fierceful, odd looking, and they come to take. So here it is said that one who has once surrendered to Kṛṣṇa, for them there is no such fear. Even in dream they will not see the order-carriers of Yamarāja.

    – A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


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