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0:15 everything ever
17:51 cweditz

what a cool rad game. what just a good game. man man man

there where no naming gimmicks
I guess you could make an argument for ‘unusual behaviour from a well known sprite’ but eh


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  1. Fawriel
    Fawriel says:

    Chasing after the goal ball seems like something that must've been done years ago, but I don't think I've ever seen it. … You know you made something good when it feels like it should have always existed.

  2. jr637
    jr637 says:

    hey raocow, you know that one hack? the mario world hack that centered around one-screen key puzzles? keytastrophe? apparently it has a sequel. that would be a cool lp.

  3. SomeGuy712x
    SomeGuy712x says:

    Death count: 95 (70 today, I think)
    (0:20) By "everything ever", it means that it's a final exam level, it looks like.
    (0:47) Burn.
    (1:29) PROTIP: Look before you leap at an item coming out of a ? block.
    (2:08) Ooh, POW blocks, and they can be used thrice, just like in the old Mario Bros. game.
    (4:22) I wonder what's inside of the winged ? block there? You could've checked when you fell onto the spikes there. (It's likely just a coin or a useless 1-up, and not a potential flower or cape.)
    (5:03) Zwee! (5:06) Bonk.
    (5:15) Ludicrous speed rotating gray platform!
    (5:43) Nicely done.
    (5:48) Epic maneuver there.
    (7:14) The golden Thwimp tracks you, and makes it so that your jumps always toggle the switches. I think I've seen something similar to this gimmick before in another hack.
    (7:21) Oh, but there are places where you can jump without flipping the switches.
    (7:47) Huh, so the creator thought of the possibility of L/R cheese.
    (8:01) Ah, I immediately see what you gotta do here… but you didn't… Remember that coin guides are always accurate.
    (8:21) Yeah, don't forget that the pause button is always an option. (Unless a hack somehow disables or booby traps that function.)
    (8:50) Cue screaming at the screen here.
    (9:21) Bingo!
    (9:49) Good use of the pause button!
    (10:15) Whoa, this is tricky. (10:20) Excellent!
    (10:24) Argh… Epic faill… But, you're right. SMW doors are stupid. Even SMB3's doors have greater leeway for entering them. There's really no excuse for SMW doors to be so strict.
    (12:18) Success!
    (12:24) Alright, it's boss time, against… (12:26) …ORB!!! (12:27) LOL, and away it goes!
    (12:31) ♫ Silver Surfer – Stage 1.
    (12:42) At least you got another checkpoint at the start of the orb chase.
    (12:52) "Follow the money." (12:54) Doesn't follow the money.
    (13:40) LOL, nice one.
    (14:46) Well, that's shenanigans. The switch didn't switch when pegged with the shell there, and I always hate when that happens when you need the switch to switch.
    (17:21) Didn't fall for the trap. Good.
    (17:32) And that's game!

  4. LotusLandSigma
    LotusLandSigma says:

    I was gonna say the same thing, so many good hacks start going sour after a while because they "needed" filler, and this one shows that's not necessary. Use all your ideias and that's enough

    Next time we gonna EXPAND DONG (hopefully, I mean, there's no more arcade dongs to play)

  5. neosaver
    neosaver says:

    Wait, is the music at the beginning on the overworld from Live-A-Live?
    I reckon the final race music is the first stage from Silver Surfer. I like how when raocow finally does it and pressed the switches at the end, he jumps accordingly to the music.

  6. DelCaptain
    DelCaptain says:

    So what was the music from the main level, before the chase?

    And for that matter, what was the map theme from the forest map? I know it, but can't remember it and it's driving me mad.

  7. justaguy12345
    justaguy12345 says:

    Man, what a focused, polished little hack. Each level had a specific idea and stuck to it. Then the last level brought in a couple new ideas, one of which was so dang fun. Fantastic.


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