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Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


At Jumping Singapore, our senior jumpers are gems of inspiration because they defy stereotypes and live life to the fullest.

Jumping fitness, with all its inherent health benefits, is fun and easy to carry out. It is irrefutably the best exercise for the young and especially the old. High in intensity, yet low in impact, it helps to build cardiovascular health rapidly, yet protect fragile bones and joints. It is the only exercise that strengthens every cell, muscle and organ in the body due to the interactive forces of gravitational acceleration and deceleration.

Exercising on the trampoline or rebounding is recommended by doctors and natural practitioners as an excellent weight loss and preventive activity. Regular rebounding for seniors help them to maintain optimal weight, at the same time strengthening their body and mind to prevent many degenerative conditions including diabetes and heart problems. Working out with friends and family also enhances social bonds which are crucial to one’s emotional wellbeing. At Jumping Singapore you can remain young and vital through your golden years.

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