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Rebounding Vs. Jogging. Part of the series: Sports and Endurance Exercises. Rebounding and jogging are two different things. Learn about rebounding versus jogging with help from a nationally certified and recognized personal trainer in this free video clip. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_12217042_rebounding-vs-jogging.html

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12 replies
  1. Racing Falcon
    Racing Falcon says:

    No mention at all on the other useful benefits of rebounding. Primarily stimulating your lymphatic system, running can not stimulate it as well as rebounding. In fact no other exercise can, you're using gravitational force to stimulate all the cells in your body at the same time. Even Nasa speaks highly of the many health benefits of rebounding, including boosting your immune system etc etc etc.

  2. Kristine Lettero
    Kristine Lettero says:

    Hi there stranger! Great video. I bought a cellerciser rebounder a few weeks ago and I love it. So much fun and a great workout. I definitely feel the benefits already. Trying to get my husband to try it. Maybe you can convince him.

    MOOR TIGHT says:

    An incompetent, myopic comparison that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the benefits of rebounding. As another commentator has mentioned, jogging can be done on a rebounder. So this man's claim that jogging is the premier cardiovascular exercise is patently false.

  4. Nick D
    Nick D says:

    The bellicon is the best! I've tried 4 different rebounders, most with metal springs, and one other with bungees. Can't compare with bellicon. I have lower back issues and the softness of the mat and bungees help me to keep moving and soften the pain


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