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  1. RedtobeFREE
    RedtobeFREE says:

    I don't know if you still have your stomach but I struggled in that same area and would like to share my secret to getting the loose skin to disappear quicker. Wrap your your belly with a stomach sauna while you workout, and wear a girdle throughout the day. I'm a lady so it's common to wear girdles or spanx but men probably don't think to do it. You have to wear your girdle everyday and you stomach sauna. Another way to get rid of the loose skin is with ice packs wrapped on the tummy, I think it's uncomfortable so I only do it when I've gotten off track and let my pudge come back. No one believes me when I tell them I was over 270 when I stopped counting because I've toned up really well. Also you may want to get the bar for your cellesiser and his $40 DVD because there is a specific move you do on the trampoline to target the abs and really isolate strengthen and build the stomach muscles


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