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Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


My favorite method of cardio is definitely using the rebounder. Rebounding helps you burn fat and calories, lose weight, without hurting your joints. It’s fun, it works and it is the best.
My FAVE trampoline: http://amzn.to/1JLBV4N
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21 replies
  1. Shake Up Makeup
    Shake Up Makeup says:

    Hi Tracy…I just became a transformer. I am 51 years old and have a channel here on YouTube. In my last video, I told my subscribers about your YouTube channel and that your Total Transformation is the workout I am now doing to get stronger and improve my posture. I am so excited and I am really looking forward to the improvements I know I will see in the next six weeks and throughout 2016. I did one of your arm workouts during my lunch time today and it really energized me for the rest of the work day. Thanks so much Tracy for being a motivator and such an inspiration! Xoxo Laura

  2. Jyeshtha Maitrei
    Jyeshtha Maitrei says:

    Hello Tracy! A big thanks for all these awesome and super effective workouts. Kindly guide us to get fuller cheeks/ beaming cheek bones. Some facial workout sort of thing. I would love if you can help us out this one more time!

  3. BriarRose
    BriarRose says:

    I just bought a rebounder and I'm setting it up today! I can't wait to use it with your video, and I hope you are able to do more videos with the rebounder in the future! I am totally going to use it as a treadmill replacement for when I'm in hotels or can't go to a gym.

    Also, I love how you're using your hands to talk in this video and try to make up for the huge space on the screen, you're doing great in the studio! 🙂

  4. Larry Richelli
    Larry Richelli says:

    People, Please do not buy the rebounder she recommends. Just like anything you only get what you pay for. If you really love rebounding do your research but be aware that a good rebounder will cost upwards of $250. I love rebounding and Tracy's workouts are great.

  5. sandramA heynemana
    sandramA heynemana says:

    Dave Hall, the creator of the Cellerciser has a 10 minute workout he does every day and is in great shape. He says that he doesn’t do anything else but the 10 minute work out. He’s 61 and has a great physique with flat abs. The work out is tough but something to work up to.


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