Cellercise Rebounder Mini-Trampoline <b>Home Gym</b>

Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


Power of an Hour author Dave Lakhani shares his support of Dave Hall, the Cellerciser, and the tremendous results that rebounder exercises produce.

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8 replies
  1. EFT4Me
    EFT4Me says:

    David, May I ask a question? What do you know or what did you know about muscle testing when U did this experiment? Most importantly, did U know that WORDS effect the results of muscle testing? Did you know that without even getting on the exerciser he totally affected the outcome of your experiment just by speaking to you? In fact done correctly muscle testing can even show when someone is lying. It is an amazing tool (muscle testing) Familiarize yourself before any more videos.

  2. Donna Rotar
    Donna Rotar says:

    July 20/13 will be my one year anniversary…I stopped traditional exercise and started Cellercising after 36 years…I have been amazed…I only wished I had been doing this all these years…but grateful and thankful that I am now and have transformed my life and others! Thank you!!!


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