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Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


Dr. Donald Liebell is an expert on chronic pain and explains in this video how rebounding can help with osteoporosis. He will describe the causes of osteoporosis, and will explain how you can prevent or stop the disease. Click for more!

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4 replies
  1. hateanimalabuse
    hateanimalabuse says:

    Really liked your video and because I live in the U.K. I started hunting around for a decent rebounder.  However, now I am a little nervous because some have said I should do this with my bad T-score -3.6 in the spine and -3.0 in the femoral neck so I feel a bit disappointed. There is actually nobody to ask here as generally speaking GP's are totally ignorant about osteoporosis and are just influenced by the big Pharma companies.  "Take the Fosamax once a week, to hell with the side effects and if you are still alive in 5 years, come back for another DEXA scan".   I don't drive and have walked and cycled most of my life, (no cycling for the last 15 years though).   I also have piriformis syndrome which affects my lower back and left leg and pain in my middle back on exertion or walking, particularly up or down hills, so I was looking for the easy/lazy way of getting exercise but helping my bone density at the same time.

  2. Catherine HFD
    Catherine HFD says:

    i have a fractured shoulder that i can avoid surgery for.   i have a bellicon and can't find a video re how to help healing speed .. i'm assuming say 10-15 mins of gentle up and down will work .. feet not leaving mat?


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