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Disappointed coach Tom Izzo reacts to No. 25 Michigan State’s 67-60 loss to No. 9 Maryland on Saturday night in East Lansing, Feb. 15, 2020.

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7 replies
  1. Vernon Schaal
    Vernon Schaal says:

    Tom Jizzo everyonebody. Hasn't gave the other team credit once this year, even during there 1-4 stretch. With a tough 5 game schedule remaining, I expect to see this at least 3 more times, then twice more after that. When they lose in the BIgTen, and NCAA tournament.

  2. Vernon Schaal
    Vernon Schaal says:

    Another overrated Sparty team, and when March rolls around he'll still be considered a favorite to win it all. This guy hasn't won a championship in 21 years. Specially this year even with a team that has went from the #1 team at the start of the season, to being unranked. What a clown! He'll be forced out sooner then later.

  3. M W
    M W says:

    To all of you girls hating on Coach Izzo, try actually listening to the press conference before making your asinine comments: the first thing he did was give credit to Maryland.


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