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Currently rebounding from a torn ACL, Bastien Salabanzi has recently started rolling around again. It’s been a slow, active healing process; one of the bigger hurdles has been relearning tricks that use to be almost effortless for him. Seeing Bastien skate again, even if he’s just nailing the fundamental tricks, is truly inspiring.Subscribe to The Berrics – http://bit.ly/TheBerricsYoutube

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50 replies
  1. xSpooby
    xSpooby says:

    holy shit! i haven't seen this guy since the sorry videos. i feel old as shit now! he was just a kid back then! (but then again so was i) i haven't skated in probably 16 years, but i really want to get back into it.

  2. kenneth francis
    kenneth francis says:

    Listen i am 30 years old i started skatin in 1997 at 10 years old, ive watched him the whole career hes had and honestly hes top 3 skaters of all time in my eyes. Noone and i meen noone goes harder then bastien, or geoff rowley. Flat out

  3. label613
    label613 says:

    I remember moving to anaheim and getting a job at knotts berry farm. They said I could only wear all black shoes and immediatly I went and got is all blacked out signature vans. I loved this dude in the early 2000's. Still do. Glad he is getting better. Dude fucking rips

    FEVER x DREAM says:

    I'm so glad he's making a full recovery. He's so good, his switch is just as clean as his reg! I remember being really stoked on his part when Flip Sorry came out when Bastien was like 14 or 15…


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