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34 replies
  1. Meet Virginia
    Meet Virginia says:

    I'm struggling to get back to green smoothies and juicing. Healthy living in general. Was blind sided by several health issues that flared up bad after an illness of a loved one and unexpected death of another. Dan, we met and visited a few times back in 2008… I'm sure you would remember me if you heardcthe bizarre horror stories that put on the path to finding you in the northwestern states. I've been following you since but lost my way.
    I could really need the support and encouragement from any and all. Life force is weak.

  2. whatupboy100
    whatupboy100 says:

    Dan I commented something yesterday, I was a bit triggered by your previous video. Don't mean no hate. Deep down inside you are a special being. Keep digging deeper to find the answers you're looking for.

  3. james ananopulos
    james ananopulos says:

    Awesome work Dan, I’ve been following you for awhile now and love your work, I’ve been making the juice recipes, yesterday I made celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, spinach and apple fresh juice through the breville juice fountain plus, it tasted amazing…I felt energized after…I’ve also watched some of your other rebounding vids as well and was inspired to break out my moms old rebounder which was practically brand new, works like a charm and I was surprised how great of a workout I got from it, I’ve been doing it the last few days a feel great. Thank you so much for all of you dedication and hard work, you are a true source of light and energy, I am grateful to be able to follow in your foot steps…God Bless You and your work ???????

  4. SPIRIT 842
    SPIRIT 842 says:

    It quickly became apparent there was only one way to watch this video….while rebounding… and that i need a better rebounder… and yeah lets do it again. Great workout before bed! Glad i chose to join. It was good for me

  5. Elizabeth CHRISTalign
    Elizabeth CHRISTalign says:

    That looked like so much fun, that's it! I'm getting one right away, I need to get my lymph moving and bounce the excess fat out of every cell and have fun doing it. Btw Loved the drum solo?you're an inspiration as always, God bless & thank you.


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