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Senior Aerobic 1 Routine
Topics discussed:
• My goal is toning and weight loss…so is it 6 weeks, 6 months? When should I see changes if I am consistent?
• What do you know about rebounding and the effects of kids with autism?
• Cellercise and cancer
• Circulation
• What exercises help with ribs and muscles in-between them it is very sore from a chiro adjustment?
• Can you discuss working out with some nerve pain, I kinda over did it on the jamba run and have been experiencing a lot of burning and leg pain for about a week now.
• How does the health bounce wake you up in the morning, yet make you fall asleep at night? I am afraid to health bounce at night because I don’t want it to keep me awake at night.
• Can you Cellercise with breast implants?
• How can Cellercising help with tight hip flexors?
• How to work out on the Cellerciser with arthritic knees?

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