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For more information please visit: https://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/sport-injuries/knee-pain/acute-knee-injuries/lateral-knee-ligament-sprain
These exercises may be used following a lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury, to regain full strength and stability at the knee joint.

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29 replies
  1. Cobra50Jeep
    Cobra50Jeep says:

    I have some weird pain in my left knee, I am not sure its the LCL, its that thick ligament thats on the outside of the knee that feels like a thick string. I can't seem to run more than a mile without it acting up and now i feels weak walking down stairs. I have no problems with it riding my Mt Bike but i can't run. Is it the LCL?

  2. katherine miah
    katherine miah says:

    I had injured my knee when learning to do the lutz in figure skating. I hadn't known or been able to see that the jump was supposed to be done on a bent knee and since then my knee will act up atleast once a year with pain that can make it hard to move the leg without using a knee wrap and aleeve. It feels like its running down the inside of the knee, not top or bottom or sides just the inside. If I don't imediately use a wrap pain radiates out. is is most likely ligaments or something else.

  3. lum_8490 1499
    lum_8490 1499 says:

    sorry, – when I run for a while – sometimes 10 min, sometimes an hr, I suddenly get an excruciating pain on outside of knee (like someone sticking a screwdriver in!). I can carry on walking but if I have to walk up a hill then it's v sore when I lift my foot to take a step, ok when I plant my foot. It hurts the following day then is ok the day after (for walking). I initially did it when I pulled a muscle in the quad of other leg when out running. I was miles from home so had to walk home.

  4. xAristaicx
    xAristaicx says:

    I got knee bar'd (submission wrestling move), which is meant to cause hyper extension of the knee. Instead the angle of the joint lock was different and it caused my knee to ABDUCT. I heard a pop yet felt no pain. I feel instability anteriorly and laterally (front and outer side) of my right knee (where it happened). I am going to get an x ray in 3-4 days if it doesn't heal (what the Physiotherapist in the ER told me to do). Any ideas what it could be? I was told it is probably a strain of the

  5. xAristaicx
    xAristaicx says:

    Out of my leg! The head of fibula is much more prominent and I believe there is a minor dislocation laterally there. There is subluxation of the knee as well (when I try to abduct it)

  6. LazarRedDevil95
    LazarRedDevil95 says:

    I hope you help me.I injured my knee out side(so lateral ligament) and it only hurts when i squat fully , ass to the ground.I hurt it several months ago on basketball game.I was on ibuprofen and electrical therapy and the pain went away ,now its back.When i play basketball , sprint , or do weight lifting it doesn't hurt but when i squat fully(no weights) it hurts. I am frustrated

    ARVIGERARD says:

    I injured my meniscus in a basketball game, i went up to block a shot and I fell down on my left foot only using its heel, it felt really bad so I went to a doctor and we had a MRI which revealed a LATERAL MENISCUS ROOT TEAR… how long will I have to wait till I can play? its been 5 weeks since my injury, I have regained full motion and I can run but sometimes I hear a pop it hurts when I jump.. what do I do?

  8. chitah6
    chitah6 says:

    Thank you for putting this information up.   I injured my knee last night during Brazilian Jiujitsu class.   I had one of my students smash my shin towards my chest with my leg in a position similar to the position for stretching the piriformis.   Pain in the LCL connection at the Fibula.  I think it is just a grade 1 with no noticeable swelling and some moderate pain(touch and movement) along with joint stiffness.   In your opinion, does that sound like an LCL injury to you.  I have almost no instability in the knee joint.

  9. LCP
    LCP says:

    I'm not exactly sure if I have a tear of the LCL or not, but my knee is definitely not the same as before. My right knee is popping on the outer part allot more than usual and bruising and swelling has finally succumbed about 3-4 days after the original injury (which was running and a shift in body weight while my knee was in place; that made my knee very painful to walk on for about 48 hours). Oddly enough, I'm on day 5 and I'm walking normally with no pain (there is still bruising and swelling on the outer part of my knee). I'm an active runner and I hope I didn't tear anything because I heard that this is an injury that you're never the same after.

  10. HannahTheChamps
    HannahTheChamps says:

    I went to the doctors because my knees are in pain when i bend them. They said the ligaments in my knees are weak and causing the knee cap to move 'almost freely' because the ligaments are not pulling the knee in the right place when i bend. So i was told to strengthen them, however bending my knees are really really painful…so a lot of these exercises arent going to help me? Can anyone give any advice? I cant remember which ligaments the doctor said unfortunately 🙁


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