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In this clip from AMP #239, Kamal Ravikant describes an otherworldly and intense moment of recent trauma that reframed how he thought about his life, his mission, and his ability to love himself. Check out the full podcast video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHosPBz-FxM

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About the Podcast
Founder of Onnit and modern philosopher Aubrey Marcus asks the important questions: How do we find our purpose, wake up to who we truly are, have a few more laughs, and human being a little better?
The Aubrey Marcus Podcast brings in world-class guests from the fields of athletics, health, business, fitness, science, relationship and spirituality, and asks them to open up about the failures and successes that define their wisdom and character.
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11 replies
  1. Rick Dunaway
    Rick Dunaway says:

    You’re not wrong Chris but in this world colors combine to create white light! ?♾? black is the absence of light. Look up “Fanta black” it’s trippy shit because it reflects no light back to your eyes “ well very very little”. We see blue because all the other colors are dispersed or absorbed and the wavelength of blue is reflected back to out eye and our brain interprets it as blue. This is the best of my knowledge if I’m out of line or incorrect please correct me we all live to learn. And god or the non-finite wooden body all colors in the absence of colors so God is black the Absence of light or colored yes and all colors as well. Edit please forgive my text to speech I just want to connect and the energy gets ramped up with no place to go….

  2. Sarah Dale
    Sarah Dale says:

    Rupert Spira said to imagine a room full of people all looking at the same vase of flowers and then imagine superimposing all points of view like film slides stacked together and imagine what that would look like, because that would be closer to the Truth of what Is. I imagine it would appear black…like nothing. It gave me the impression that we are like prisms that refract the light of God into everything imaginable. ?


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