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Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


Intensity is one of my favorite Superjump Rebound Workouts. Using my modified rebounder – Intensity uses both an elastic band and differing jump rhythms to get more toning during the workout both on the upper and lower half of the body. We change up the jump rhythms and get everything moving. Have fun! and Remember to visit now.jillcooper.it my online gym for more and longer rebounding workouts.
Rebounding is fun – train and drain with the rebound exercises created by Jill Cooper. Jill has been rebounding since 2008 when she was writing a book on how to cure Cellulite. Superjump is the answer!
Become a Superjumper! write us at formazione@coalsport.com or check out our web site www.superjumplanet.com

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  1. Susan Derstine
    Susan Derstine says:

    Thank you for the GREAT workout Jill, I love all your workouts but especially rebounder workouts. ? At 62 it's important I keep moving and my doc said rebounding is great for keeping bone density in check…so THANKS again! Oh and the resistance bands are wonderful to use along with rebounding, YOU ROCK!


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