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Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


Straight from my online GYM dedicated to long Superjump workouts. Here’s one of my hardest Power 2 – HIIT 10 20 30 high intensity butt-kicking workouts.. Have fun and sign up to my online gym! NOW.JILLCOOPER.IT
Rebounding is fun – train and drain with the rebound exercises created by Jill Cooper. Jill has been rebounding since 2008 when she was writing a book on how to cure Cellulite. Superjump is the answer!
Become a Superjumper! write us at formazione@coalsport.com or check out our web site www.superjumplanet.com

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10 replies
  1. The10green10
    The10green10 says:

    Hi i used the link you posted below. Some came up in English but most sections were in Italian. I could not read terms and conditions as in Italian. Do you have another link for all english . Thank you x

  2. VinnyM8
    VinnyM8 says:

    I am a experienced lifter but suffer from a painful knee due to a injury many years ago. Rebounding helps me with keeping fit. After a few days of doing your workout Jill, muscle memory kicks in which makes the workout even more enjoyable ???

  3. Jade Ara
    Jade Ara says:

    wow! I really love thsi workout! I had tuned out for a while as I found the videos you were doing were not long enough or varied enough for my workout needs but htis one is a WINNER!!! keep them coming:-)


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