Cellercise Rebounder Mini-Trampoline <b>Home Gym</b>

Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


Step 1: Place the bellicon facing down on the floor.
Step 2: Release the top half of the bungee from its clip without moving it from its place.
Step 3: Remove the frame.
Step 4: Detach the other half of the bungees from the clips.
Step 5: Exchange out the mat.
Step 6: Lay out the new mat in the center of the bungees.
Step 7: Attach each bungee to the part of the clip that is closest to the floor. Skip every other one.
Step 8: Secure the bungees that are left on top of the ones you just attached, only this time, add them to the top part of the clip (the one that is closest to you).
Step 9: Place the frame on top of the bungees.
Step 10: Find a bungee that is closest to a leg on the bellicon, wrap it around the frame and secure it onto the same clip it belongs to.
Step 11: Find the bungee that is directly across from the bungee you just secured to the frame (counting helps to be sure!) and repeat. This will keep the mat even while you complete the process.
Step 12: Repeat with each leg.
Step 13: Wrap every other bungee around the frame (start with the bungees that are on top). Secure onto the same clip each bungee belongs to.
Step 14: Repeat with the rest of the bungees.

*Adjust the metal clip on each individual bungee to ensure it doesn’t touch the frame (this could scratch it!) Keeping it in the middle of the clip and the frame is best.

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