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One of the most frustrating things for any shooter are having a knock-down, can’t miss jumper one day and feeling like you can’t hit anything the next. In today’s video, Coach Drew talks about how you can fix that inconsistency to turn you into that lights-out, consistent shooter you know you can be! Keep in mind, sometimes the basket can be the biggest “distraction” when working on your fundamentals and jumping in front of a mirror or having someone film your shot can be a great way to self analyze and make sure you’re doing what Coach Drew is teaching!

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24 replies
  1. akc
    akc says:

    IMO paying attention to the small details makes a big difference. Once you are focusing on all those small habits, your shot improves. But that also means if you lose focus and get lazy, your shot will go downhill.

  2. Mike Love Thyself
    Mike Love Thyself says:

    My problem is I’m a short guard, I have a very good shot and I can score on players my own size but as soon the 6’3 guards come to play I may not score as much. I’m not a iso player I’m most effective moving without the ball catch and shoot and running off screens but everyone just wants to iso

  3. pede04
    pede04 says:

    My old coach used to tell me, that you could miss a jump shot four ways: left, right, short and long – with good shot mechanics shooting straight on the basket, you basicly eliminate 50% of the ways to miss (being left and right) a shot…repetitve practice like showen here, will get you more baskets – its simple (very simple) math…


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