Cellercise Rebounder Mini-Trampoline <b>Home Gym</b>

Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


Learn how to customize the tension of your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline.

Why adjust the tension?
1. You like a firmer bounce (see below for different firmness setting options)
2. You want your elastic cords to last longer. Once your cords begin to soften too much, pull them to a tighter setting to retain bounce performance similar to when you purchased the product. When you do this depends on how often you bounce, how heavy or aggressive you are, and what firmness setting you prefer.

Seven Firmness Settings:
1. Default configuration (SOFTEST)
2. Default / one knot / (repeat)
3. Default / one knot / one knot / (repeat)
4. Tighten one knot on every cord
5. One knot / two knots / (repeat)
6. One knot / two knots / two knots (repeat)
7. Tighten two knots on every cord (FIRMEST)


NEW Rebounding Workout App!

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