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What do you do when you wake up and see the charts bright green? Do you buy, sell, hodl? Let’s chat.

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6 replies
  1. Matias Ancel
    Matias Ancel says:

    Have been buying Ada iota omg and other alts all the way down, now hold for some years. I will buy more only if each purchase cost is lower than the last one. In my country is not easy to buy crypto… here the only way is buying from someone else and at current prices almost no one wants to sale. In order to buy at lows i have to buy when prices are high plus 10% of fee. Then transfer to usdT on exchange and wait for times like the past months. This deep was a great oportunity. Hope you understand my poor eanglish.

  2. Santino
    Santino says:

    J Sweeps!! Man after being humble from Dec/Jan bullrun, ive been fortunate enough to dollar cost avg on way down and now in better position then before the run up, so im not shook by this green and wont be when it gets to 20k come fall time. Just riding the waves now stress free.

  3. Reed Austin
    Reed Austin says:

    Im building my USD wallets on GDAX and not buying till we see if it dips one more time. I did however pick up 100k of that npxs we have been talking about with Crad.

  4. Echo B
    Echo B says:

    What to do if you are a holder: nothing. If you plan to hold, you do the same as you do on red days. You close your web pages about crypto and you occupy yourself another way. Refreshing your page every 10 seconds is just as unhealthy as doing it while markets are down. You will drive yourself crazy. Check your coins once a day if that. See if there's any news or anything about it. Then if you plan to buy some more, do so. Just don't let it consume you. In good days or bad.


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