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Trampoline parks may seem fun for the whole family, but Marketplace does safety spot-checks across the country and finds they may not be as safe as you think.

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20 replies
  1. ImSqeker
    ImSqeker says:

    I got depressed at a Trampoline Park

    also of course the Trampoline park is not going to pay for any damage or deaths, its mostly the person fault of what happened theirs also rules people can (repeat) can follow the rules so its mostly the person consequences for the decisions they make.

  2. Eric Smith
    Eric Smith says:

    Hey guys, skyzone court monitor here. When you have something as risky as a trampoline and people break the rules after we tell them many times and THEN they get hurt/ someone else gets hurt that’s on the jumpers. When you have incompetent employees that have not been trained well, then it could be the parks fault. Even though this has been improved a lot in the last few years, I still have noticed some that I had to remind over and over again to not let simple things go, and they have been fired. When they say “no instructions, no orientation” that is just not true, we have people up at the top of the stairs giving the rules and a sticker so we know they listened to the rules. When they say hitting the pad could fracture someone’s spine, that is just playing bogus. It is a PAD, it is meant to be soft Incase someone accidentally hits it, I have never seen someone get hurt landing like that on the pad. They showed many times people get “hurt” and show a toddler crying, that doesn’t mean they actually got hurt. You could scare a kid that age and they would cry. At out park we probably have 4-5 semi serious and 1 serious injury every month(semi serious being getting hit in the eye by a knee or a ball or spraining an ankle, while serious is a broken leg or something along the lines of that.) Even with all of this, the parents accept the risk and the MAJORITY of injuries are the jumpers trying to do stuff they can’t do or are against the rules. They have to put that stuff on the waivers because on the once a decade that this happens and it’s most likely the fault of the kids and they shouldn’t have to pay for lawyers and spend time going to court. Keep in mind that this is still a business and they want to keep a good public image and that goes with keeping people safe. The staff that they have cannot possibly we everything at every second. Say we have one kid double bouncing then when we go talk to them someone behind us does it we can’t possibly see that. This video is very over-exaggerated and while if not performed right, can be dangerous, its mostly not because of the park or their employees. Thanks for reading this and I hope some of you found this helpful.

  3. Princess Marlena
    Princess Marlena says:

    I did gymnastics in middle school, high school, and in college. You have to be very careful on trampolines, springboards, and foam pits, which unfortunately are being associated more with “toys”, and not exercise equipment.

  4. Cheryl Burgess
    Cheryl Burgess says:

    we had dirt playgrounds and climbed trees – we fell? was no one's fault –kid goes to doctor/hospital – gets fixed if possible and life goes on. ridiculous that parents can't be parents – lawyers making bank via whiney parents who don't want to parent/be responsible – (I mean no disrespect to those who are injured) There are WAY more kids in houses that are being mentally physically sexually abused tortured than there are kids getting injured at play areas. People driving recklessly – distracted – raged – drunk – etc. with kids in car – that is is the department of transportation's fault, right?

  5. Clouty Boy
    Clouty Boy says:

    I almost broke my neck trying quad back on tramp, I’m surprised I didn’t but if I did it would’ve been my fault. Plus them talking about not being able to do flips is complete bs. If you wanna see some crazy stuff come down here to Tennessee, there’s people here that can quint full dub back out. Like fr this whole video is aids


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