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• (7:00) We’re hiring software engineers! www.TrainerRoad.com/jobs
• (7:25) Why you should sync Strava and Garmin Connect to TrainerRoad
• (7:40) What every racer should know about number pinning
• (9:55) Dealing with doctors as an endurance athlete
• How important is power/weight?
• (18:05) Should you use your TT bike on the trainer?
• (24:45) How to use cross-training for cyclists
• (32:53) How to nail interval workouts outside
• (43:40) Can long course triathletes use MTB for training?
• (56:40) Your guide to nailing an FTP test
• (1:06:17) How to avoid hand pain for cyclists
• (1:16:15) How to deal with disappointing results
• (1:24:00) FB Live Questions

The Ask a Cycling Coach is the only podcast dedicated to making you a faster cyclist. Each week Coach Chad, Coach Jonathan and TrainerRoad’s CEO Nate answer your cycling and triathlon training questions.

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12 replies
  1. Anson Brooks
    Anson Brooks says:

    one thing i noticed about hand numbness for me was that it was related to gripping to lightly, anytime i relaxed my hands i had numbness and when i tightened up the grip to firm the numbness went away, i think when the hand contracts the muscle protects the nerve and when you relax the muscle is soft and allows the nerve to take damage.

  2. lebowskii98 _
    lebowskii98 _ says:

    I haven't done much group riding but I know most club paceline rides are split into groups based on ability. Couldn't you just agree to work at a certain zone when you are on the front? You could also agree to reduce this on hills so the bigger riders don't struggle. So, for instance, you could agree low threshold (sweetspot) on front when flat and then tempo on climbs.

  3. Greg Brown
    Greg Brown says:

    Lizard Skins bar tape is a friggin' game changer (for me).
    The 2.5mm tape, oh lawdy. So awesome.

    Just enough squish.
    Just slightly tacky to the touch, even with sweaty hands.
    And pretty easy to clean.

    It is pretty pricey as bartape goes though…

  4. wisskier
    wisskier says:

    I find when I am training with dedication in the winter I am able to ski a lot more. I gobbled up 21 k of vert (500' per run) one spring after dedicated bike training. Next winter I didn't train at all and was wasted after 2,000' of vertical.


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