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Today, I’m sharing some final thoughts about 2019 and what’s ahead for my channel.

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NOTE: I AM NOT a medical professional and everything I share is my personal opinion and experience ONLY! Please seek a medical professional for any health questions you are dealing with or before you start a new eating protocol.

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10 replies
  1. Adrienne Recco
    Adrienne Recco says:

    Feeling better with my cellerciser and carnivore lifestyle. I'm working on that flat tummy like yours. Might have to eliminate the pork rhines and coconut milk in my coffee to do it. Thank you for all your knowledge. Keep up the good work and the good news. Love it!

  2. J D
    J D says:

    I ordered a cellerciser because of your channel, as it seems doable! Thank you for your encouraging videos, you look really amazing. I am seriously considering the carnivore diet in the new year because of your testimony (as wells a few others). Many thanks for the time you put in to your channel, and I appreciate your prayers and love for God.

  3. JustmeMissy
    JustmeMissy says:

    I'm so thankful I stumbled upon your channel! I'm on day 11 of carnivorish way, I say carnivorish because I'm still drinking coffee, but I already found out I'm getting more sensitive to it, so I've cut WAY down! I also allow myself 1 small square of 90% dark chocolate. Down 6lbs, can't say I feel great, but it may be the extra addiction I'm holding on to! Baby steps, right?


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