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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present how to heal a bulging disc versus a herniated disc. They also discuss the differences between the two.

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31 replies
  1. Ashi Krishnan
    Ashi Krishnan says:

    hi Docs, I have a severe herniation of my T7/8 disc and a sequestered fragment that has travelled up the spinal canal to T6. A lot of the exercises I see online are for lumbar spinal herniation…. can you please do a video for Thoracic Spinal Herniation?

  2. christina madvig
    christina madvig says:

    I have pain in my piriformous area starter while hiking on uneven terrain. It stays at about a level 3 then suddenly the pain accelerates to a 10.pain takes my breathe away ..what may be causing this.it has been going on for about a year now ?

  3. v
    v says:

    I want to move to the area you guys are in so you can give me physical therapy. When I sit cross legged and bend slowly from side to side sometimes I can feel something the size of a golf ball slide over from the left to the right in my lower back. I think my disc slides in and out of position.

  4. Michelle Taylor
    Michelle Taylor says:

    I had a a lifting injury at work which caused a single-sided one level bulge between the levels l4 and l5. workers comp denied everything except consultations by multiple specialist who all requested physical therapy and epidural injectios. Workers comp has denied everythingand because of that I now have a two-level disc herniation with an s-1 nerve root compression and severe radiculopathy going all the way down the left side to my toes. I saw my private doctor and I was able to get an injection. I asked about physical therapy and they told me physical therapy wasn't appropriate at this stage because we have to get the pain under control first. This makes no sense to me. None of the medicine they gave me so I'm not taking anything. I can't take NSAIDs because they cause problems with my stomach. So all I can do is lay in bed in pain or walk around with a cane in between injections. I need help but they won't let me have PT. Any advice?

  5. Music-aholics Anonymous
    Music-aholics Anonymous says:

    Thank you Bob and Brad! You have helped me so much in just one day using your self traction, lift ups and sleeping suggestions. After 3 physiotherapists, I was ready to give up! You guys are awesome! You’ve helped me relieve so much pain already and I’m looking forward to learning more! You are the best! ????

  6. Afrika Bruintjies
    Afrika Bruintjies says:

    Just a question..i hurt my lower back by picking something heavy..so now im having knee pain only when im running for say 5km then the pain shoots into my outer knee (sides) the pain subsides after a few hours..is this herniated or bulging disc symtoms and how do i correct them for my running?

  7. Harish Chugg
    Harish Chugg says:

    Hello doctor, how r u? I need your help with my disc. I have pain from last 2-3 years. I had MRI but doctors in here are not able to tell me what's the actual problem or how bad is it. Could you guys please send me your email id. I will send you my MRI report. I normally have pain in my legs, just can't put pressure, sometime can't walk. Please help me out. I am in a really bad pain and after visiting lots of doctors and did not any any proper response, really frustrated. You guys are my only hope now. Thx

  8. running beard
    running beard says:

    I have a bulging disc between L4 and L5, which radiates a dull ache… I"ve tried the press-ups, but several times now my right side is "catching" or seizing up. It's hard to explain, but essentially it feels like I've pinched or snagged the nerve on the right side and can't stand up. Laying down for a few minutes on my stomach is all I'm willing to do now unless under the guidance of a PT.

  9. Dwayne Stimpson
    Dwayne Stimpson says:

    I came across this looking for a solution to my dilemma. I fell in my garage yesterday carrying a box, Got back up and thought nothing of it. About 30 minutes later my lower back started hurting, then I noticed my upper body shifted. Now I can barely walk or bend over. My primary cant see me for 7 more days and insurance requires I see him first. I tried this today and it hurts to much to lay on my stomach. Should I wait a few days?

  10. Rose Hataway
    Rose Hataway says:

    I had spine surgery 2010. microdisectomy L5 / S1, now I have prolapse of L5 / S1 disc with osseous tissue that narrows the spinal canal by 10 mm, and bulging L4 disc that narrows the spinal canal by 11mm. I have terrible pain in my back and left leg, my S1 root has moderate lesions on both sides. I am 26 years old and spine ruined my life, almost 10 years of pain. I never stop asking myself why I'm so young and never had a fall,
    lifted something heavy.
    So, can I do these exercises because of my L4? Also have degenerative changes, ligament hypertrophy and facet arthrosis on lumbar spine.

  11. Maxx Wiersum
    Maxx Wiersum says:

    I got mine at 15 and I’m 18 and still have it and I’ve had mri’s done and Done message therapy 20x physical therapy for 6 weeks, and chiropractor about 15 times so far since I been 17 and I just turned 18. Do I need to get a injection or what 🙁

  12. karan khanna
    karan khanna says:

    Hey, I’ve been dealing with bulging disc(L3-L4 L4-L5 and L5-S1; I tried the Mckenzie method and while doing the extensions my back hurts a lot but after doing some reps the pain decreases a bit and as I stand I feel a lot better.
    Is it supposed to pain while performing this exercise? And I can feel my pain centralised and now it feels altogether in my lower spine.
    Please guide me.

  13. Puspazee Puspa
    Puspazee Puspa says:

    Is it possible to reduce the "inflammation" of a raised bump – back into skin surface level – through exercises? Wish had the knowledge on posture and deadlifts being bad way, way before. You have made these things, not even on my radar, clear to acknowledge. This topic, no one really talks about: Discs and its's various health issues! Some people are so ignorant they take their movements/actions for granted – while I struggle to plan if I should be doing that move – thanks from your informational videos!

  14. Avra Hawkins
    Avra Hawkins says:

    Your exercises helped me completely heal a herniated lumbar spine disk that was on a nerve! First was about six months numbness and tingling of left front thigh to the knee. Then one night extreme pain and could not stand or move without help. Followed your advice and all symptoms gone by the time I got to a neurosurgeon appointment. Kept better posture to maintain the lumbar curve and no problems. THANK YOU! Also helped a friend who had same front thigh numbness.

  15. Tarak Turki
    Tarak Turki says:

    My MRI scans shows that I have very small posterior disc bulge at l4 l5 and it's not doing any nerve compression. Also at l5 s1 there is a deyhatreted disc and board posterior bulge disc. This does not cause significant canal stenosis but disc contacts both transiting S1 nerve roots. I've had all the symptoms including pain but mostly numbness and burning in the left leg. Ive been doing the common exercise and feel much better and pain started to centralised. I would like to know how bad is the situation and can both discs heal permanently?? Thank you


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