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A cool tramp tricks taster!!! This is a quick look at Trampoline training with Erifilly’s brilliant, lovely Trampoline Coach Gail. Hopefully we are going to make Videos in Funabounds a regular thing cos they both think its going to be awesome fun and between them they are hoping to raise some money for new equipment. First on the list getting enough money together to get a new DMT, anything is possible. Anyway here Erifilly’s practicing 1/2 out, double back and 1nd3 barani ball out. They will probably do some classes too and if there are any requests we’ll be happy to create if possible. Keep practicing and make lots of fun, life’s too short to make it all hard work. :):):)
P.S. The centre is called Funabounds but the name of the competition squad is SKYHIGH.
vid. filmed 1st March 2013

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