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  1. Ron T
    Ron T says:

    Being self critical is how you got to the level you did. Not accepting less than you know you can achieve is the way anyone in any sport, art…etc gets the the next level. I'm an old weakling watching you but I'm a professional musician and I got that way being self critical and not accepting being crappy…I also try not to be crappy at this but my age and natural genetics says gravity wins…I'm inspired by your methods, process and prep. You plan well that means you succeed well…I know you're not as strong as you'd like to be but watching you squat 440 the way I squat 135 is mighty impressive

  2. AutoGamesNation
    AutoGamesNation says:

    I see alotnof people having the mind issues with lifting. Always negative. Always down. Always saying there’s something more they can do. Quit complaining quit worrying about every little detail and just go in the gym and knock it out. Quit worrying. Have fun. If it’s not fun and you don’t enjoy it your wasting your time.

  3. A Window into Gregors
    A Window into Gregors says:

    Have a look at the Breathe Belt on Instagram, I forget the name of the exact account but I bought one, it was developed by some ex NFL player, and it’s helped me heaps with hip hinges. I was doing the same thing as you with the band and I feel like this has helped more. I think Chris Duffin sells them also, would be a good thing to review too? Let me know if you have any other questions cos I’ve been using mine a while now so happy to answer anything

  4. AsterLifter
    AsterLifter says:

    Hey Brandon, what’re your thoughts on mixing rep ranges, i mean for get strong and gain muscle, across the training session or even across the week (intensity days and volume days), would be awesome if you make some video related to this topic, thanks for all the knowledge, greetings from Chile!

  5. Libery76
    Libery76 says:

    Great videos bro ?? I just built my basement gym , your channel gave me the push to finally build the gym . Of course the gym is never finished . Lol . Always looking for more equipment.


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