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38 replies
  1. TC Cambridge
    TC Cambridge says:

    Don't mind Haymaker's break down of Ruiz-Joshua 2. He speaks very well and I quite enjoy his interviews. My guess is that he is quietly picking Joshua to avenge his loss to Ruiz. It amazes me that a lot of people have now rubbished Joshua so it is good to see someone like David Haye come out and bat for him.

  2. BoxingMad
    BoxingMad says:

    Boxing has a lot of ups and downs but this recently formed partnership from being ex enemies is great for the sport! A really hope it works and they manage to pull off some real upsets.

  3. Adam F
    Adam F says:

    Haye is spot on AJ needs to get beat down in sparing and bring out the hungry warrior in the rematch cos Ruiz is a Mexican warrior who ain't going to mess around

  4. Peter Trower
    Peter Trower says:

    David has bullshitted his last 5+ fights, We all should listen because as the saying goes "You can't bullshit a bullshitter" So David is a bloody good expert of diving into the shit and translating it all for us. JOSHUA stand up like chisora and listen. First time in my life i will probably ever say this, Get Adam Booth as your trainer. You have power, combinations but a very very below average heavyweight chin. Booth will show you some defensive skills and use your power for clean calculated shots

  5. coin blatter
    coin blatter says:

    Haye would've been a great cruiserweight. You can just tell he's a naturally more slender guy. HW seems like it was a lot more weight that he needed on his frame

  6. Christopher Marfleet
    Christopher Marfleet says:

    Arta spilkta if thats how his name is spelt ha. Arta was out boxing wilder till he got knocked out i wouldnt be surprised if dell boy loses on pionts its a tuff tuff fight for any heavey weight arta is a better fighter than ruiz by a long shot

  7. A2C Music YouTube
    A2C Music YouTube says:

    Aj was blown away simple . Reminded me of the game fight night troll comes in with one power punch then gets boxed to shit then just stands in the corner waiting cause he knows his fucked ?????????


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