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David Hall the BEST fitness Guru in the World

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16 replies
  1. Jeepergirl
    Jeepergirl says:

    Mr. Hall, you are a miracle with all the info that you just stated in this video! Thank you so much for teaching us all about our bodies and G 4force and cellercising.

  2. peace
    peace says:

    That’s amazing ? I thought about this a few years ago but never had the opportunity. But I probably what if but the cheap one.Soon as I have the money, I will be purchasing this, I been diagnose with M S

  3. Nybork
    Nybork says:

    I was excited by this… but I saw another of your videos where you said your health problems were caused by sleeping next to pesticide spray residue- now it’s asbestos? I had believed you were a truthful person… what do I believe now?

  4. Suzu M
    Suzu M says:

    I tried that 'breathing' bounce the other day. Whoa!!!! I had moisture coming up out of my lungs and had to cough it out. I was really surprised. And my voice sounded raspy as I was doing the jump as the moisture was being removed. Pretty neat.

  5. Louise Steyn
    Louise Steyn says:

    I am 68 years old, from South Africa, and had a left hip replacement in 2017 when they broke my femur in theatre. Jan 2109 I had to have a revision on the left hip by another doctor. I rebounded/bounced before I had my op. Now on 2 Dec I have to have a right hip replacement. the first op left me with Lymphedema and that is why I bought another rebounder. I cannot possibly afford the Cellerciser a I am a state pensioner. So my little Trojan will just have to do. Is there anything I should NOT do at this time?


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