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The one and only Chuck Norris opens up to http://BloodyElbow.com about his favorite fighting techniques and working with the great Bruce Lee.

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27 replies
  1. TFE niname
    TFE niname says:

    Chuck Norris stood in front of Snow White's stepmother's mirror
    ..nn [] .. (Ôjô ..>.> .. l__l .. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best martial artist in the world?
    MIRROR: Not you Idiot … It's Jesse-Jane McParland !!!

  2. NancywithStyle
    NancywithStyle says:

    If you were good friends you would never speak lies about your friend Bruce Lee,he was the BEST ever no matter how hard you try so relax Chucky boy and try to work harder your jealousy is eating you ? YOU SUCK!

  3. Alb Alb
    Alb Alb says:

    He lying whole time Bruce Lee was not big friend of him. He was just one more suitable figure for hes Film. He was Nothing before Bruce take him to hes Film. "Semicontact Champion" which means , who going to touch first the Opponent becomes point, Bullshit he is not even Fighter, and know he pretending to be God Master Warrior hahahahahahah


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