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Dave Hall explains the difference between Cellercise patented Tri Flex springs vs. Bungees like Bellicon

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  1. David Hall
    David Hall says:

    Yes …. shipping is expensive. The Tri-fold is 46 lbs shipped. Shipping internationally can cost anywhere from $100.00 to $300..00 for air. It’s something I wish I had better control over. We try to discount international shipping to subsidize the cost as much as we can. Best in health.

  2. JungleLushChic
    JungleLushChic says:

    I would really love to see or know what you think about the "Oval Jogger" trampoline. I think it might dip in the center maybe, I haven't tried it yet. I wonder if it curves the feet too. Would you review it? 🙂
    Would you partner Cellercise with QVC so I can afford it -do monthly payments. LoL It isn't cheap 🙂 It'd be better than Walmart & Amazon.

  3. Ivan Metcalfe
    Ivan Metcalfe says:

    I've owned this trampoline for two years now and couldn't be happier with it. ⌯⌯⌯https://t.co/gGGIVYycX3  I've owned several metal spring rebounders which I was never satisfied- springs breaking, noisy and stiff. This rebounder is more fun being that it is bouncier, it's quieter and it's the longest lasting- no breaks yet!

  4. TheJmk1962
    TheJmk1962 says:

    Just doing research and looking around, but aren't the black bungee cords the softest ones so they would stretch more and let you hit the floor. The green ones are the ultra strong ones so maybe you deliberately chose the softest stretchy ones to make them look bad?

  5. Neo
    Neo says:

    There is nothing worst than trying to make your product look good by bad mouthing your competition. It makes your brand and products look very bad.

  6. My3LovesJSA
    My3LovesJSA says:

    I LOVE my Cellerciser !! It is the best !! I’ve used other rebounders in the past . There is absolutely no comparison This is an excellent product I feel awesome and I will use this everyday for the rest of my life I love it!!

  7. Ellen B
    Ellen B says:

    I wish I’d known about a little bit of oil before I sold my Cellciser. There is so much to the springs I didn’t know where to put oil and not mess up my floors. I’m back to square 1. Now I have a cheapo $59 rebounder, I wish it was slightly larger so I could dance on it. It’s 36” with a 28” jump space. How is the size on the Cellciser?

  8. Chuck Amuck
    Chuck Amuck says:

    I just ordered a Cellerciser today, but came VERY close to originally going with the Bellicon because of the hype. The game changer was the portability of the Cellerciser. Since I’m away from home several times a year for two to three days at a time this is absolutely perfect. Also nearly all the reviews speak very glowingly about the Cellerciser with many rating it even over the Bellicon. Can’t wait to get started, great work Dave!!! BTW I ordered the Bi-Fold model.

  9. Robin Markowitz
    Robin Markowitz says:

    Thank you sir. You are right!

    I have a Maximus Pro, which is very similar to yours. Good springs, good mat, good safety and stability like yours. I would NEVER use those bungees!!! Very dangerous and not good exercise in test after test after test. The bungees are horrible, as Mr. Hall correctly points out in his video.


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