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This is my week 2 updated for the 6 week Cellerciser Challenge. Please don’t judge – I know I look a hot mess, lol!

The 2 podcasts I mention in this episode are:
Highest Self Podcast:
Ancient Wisdom Today

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  1. Geary Kunkel
    Geary Kunkel says:

    In case I never told you fellow ex ….me and my wife are around 64 …..it is all about quality of life ,not how long with low mobility ……bending is probably the best insurance …..we still work !……we would be completely bored otherwise ,

  2. Rainy Days
    Rainy Days says:

    Hey there! I’ve been following you on this journey. You go girl. I love your positivity and I will definitely look up that book. I have an open mind now. Just being free to look at different belief systems or whatever you want to call it has been wonderful. (I am a treadmill diva).


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