Cellercise Rebounder Mini-Trampoline <b>Home Gym</b>

Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


DISCLAIMER: Before partaking in our low impact exercise video, please consult a doctor or physician for approval to do this high-intensity cardio exercise.

For this video, I will demonstrate how to strengthen your muscles even more by using the dowel on the Cellercise® rebounder.

This is a unique way to strengthen the posterior chain by isometrically contracting your back and glute muscles. Because of the forces of rebounding, the isometric exercise turns isotonic. This strengthens the muscles without risk of injury.

Learn more about my rebounding journey on bouncefitstudio.com or email me at info@bouncefitstudio.com.

To order your own Cellerciser® click here: https://bp321.isrefer.com/go/cell001/a4

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10 replies
  1. Deana Gonnsen
    Deana Gonnsen says:

    Genius. I love it. Wish we lived closer. I am near Buffalo border in Canada. Quite a commute. Would love videos on upper lower body strength and tone. Genius i tell you. Thank you so much for making workout safe and so super effective.

  2. Deana Gonnsen
    Deana Gonnsen says:

    you make my day!!! I use a bungee trampoline. I am over 50 and like most of us fit people have done it all. The crazy workouts included. What does more and prevents injuries. yup rebounding
    Bless you

  3. Jody Vajko
    Jody Vajko says:

    Heather, I'm enjoying your videos so much. My husband and I just received our Cellerciser a few days ago. I would like to see a short 5 – 10 minute video for those who have balance issues. I'm recovering from Guillian Barre Syndrome. It's been 1.5 years since I entered the ER, unable to walk at all. There is still residual nerve damage in both feet where they feel half "asleep" all of the time. So far, I need the balance bar to jump away from the mat. My calves and ankles are weak and my posture tends to be rounded forward. So, the shuffle and crossing my feet back and forth is too much right now. (I can do the Jamba Run for short bursts!) At 63 years young I'm wanting to be looking like you – straight and tall – when I reach 65! I'm asking for an extreme beginner video! I know that others have nerve damage or are recovering from severely debilitating illness. Thanks for all you are doing. Your heart to support others in their health journey is a blessing. I look at you and am confident that I'll be that strong one day!

  4. Deana Gonnsen
    Deana Gonnsen says:

    i love this video. It is so great for my posture. I wonder if i could build more muscle with a stick that weights a pound or two? What moves can i do to sculpt and strengthen muscles. Again Deana from ontario canada. I have been researching myself to figure out what may work for my pain and decrease strain from heavier weights. You were right about getting back to foam rolling and using a massage ball. I forgot how much it helps along with my Osteopath. Keep the videos coming heather you do great things for us all

  5. Sherismiley
    Sherismiley says:

    Wow… I think I will get a dowel stick today! Thanks for sharing this…I would have never thought to use one while cellercising. What length should it be? Thank you.

  6. Kazzie P
    Kazzie P says:

    Hi Heather I’m bouncing away to your videos from Sydney, Australia ? I love them, love your vibe and passion for healthier happier people… I’ve been bouncing on a borrowed lymphasiser and meanwhile doing my research for one that I will purchase, it seems I cannot go past the cellerciser for various reasons. Anyway, I need to get one sent out to me from the US so working on that now ? the thing I’ve realised is how much I actually enjoy this right from the get go. I’m in my 50s and generally fit and entering into the health, fitness and anti-aging industry, I have a similar passion as you, the cellerciser is another tool in my kit now for passing onto my clients for their health and fitness. You are looking good girl, like you walk your talk, so inspiring. Now just a question… how long is the stick you’re using in this video. Thank you ??


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