Cellercise Rebounder Mini-Trampoline <b>Home Gym</b>

Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


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Full length, full body CARDIO and STRENGTH home workout that’s effective, efficient and FUN.

Warm Up and Cool Down:




Interval timer is set for ONE MINUTE, there is NO REST

Approximately 200 – 250

Warm Up:
Easy Bounce
Low Ice Skaters
Low Pony
Low Jumping Jacks

Repeat this circuit 3x:

Side Step with Side Raise
Oblique Crunches

Scissor Jacks
Jumping Jacks

Cool Down:
Modified Jacks
Easy Bounce

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26 replies
  1. Lynn Phillipi
    Lynn Phillipi says:

    Love your positivity and enthusiasm. Your comments about posture, self-selected speed are a good reminder when those of use who are just starting out. I appreciate the muscle toning comments relating to calorie burning. Thanks so much.

  2. Lynn Phillipi
    Lynn Phillipi says:

    My Progress Report: I've done your video three times in one week, a day off in between. At first I was doing great with the jumping jacks, but not so coordinated with scissor kicks and knee-ups, and hardly had energy by the 3rd circuit of cardio. Today I'm happy to report that by the third set I was able to do all the cardio without modification. Thank you. I hope more people watch this. (Side comment, after I saw the video a couple of times, I turned down the volume some to see how good my movement memorization was). Have a great day. 🙂

  3. Elke Royal
    Elke Royal says:

    Loved it! Thank you so much Pahla!! I would love to see a workout focused on toning the calves. No matter how much running and exercising I do, I cannot seem to get shapely calves

  4. G. E.
    G. E. says:

    Good workout but I had to do it on mute, I like more quiet workouts, when there is constant chattering it distracts me. I don't think there was a mere second of silence, in fact I know there was none.

  5. AyaDragonfly2009
    AyaDragonfly2009 says:

    This is such a great all-round workout — you've clearly thought carefully about what's going to do what! Very happy to have found your channel, and excited to stick with this and see where it takes me!

  6. AyaDragonfly2009
    AyaDragonfly2009 says:

    Oh dear! I loved this so much that I completely ignored ALL your advice and did it every morning for 4 days in a row. ? I think I've pulled something in my back — it's that move you're doing around 14:45 (video time; 12:40 on the clock) that seems to have done the mischief. Must have done it clumsily, or too vigorously, or — more to the point — FOUR DAYS IN A ROW WHEN AT LEAST TWO OF THOSE DAYS SHOULD HAVE BEEN RECOVERY DAYS after years of fairly sedentary existence ? I've rested for a few days now, but something in my spine (between my shoulder blades) hurts if I bounce or jog (so I'm trying to rest completely!). Hoping I haven't done anything too drastic ? and that I can join you again soon! I promise this time to take it steady and not rush into things!!! It's your fault for making it such fun (I'm new to your channel)!!! thank you Pahla! ?


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