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Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


Get sweating with the workout that single-handedly offers you more health benefits than a number of disciplines combined, some of which can be nothing short of life-changing:

It burns more calories per minute than any other regular cardio activity.

Rebounding does not discriminate – this is a workout for everyone! It’s great for kids, seniors, pregnant women (although you need advice from your gynae on this, and I am not advocating it here) and even the super-fit too.

It is a low-impact, yet high resistance, workout that puts zero strain on joints and strengthens stabilising muscles. Perfect for those with weak knees or sore joints. It also recruits all core muscles with every bounce, for a stronger, tighter midsection.

The unstable surface enhances your balance and coordination. It improves your posture too!

It is a more effective workout than most other forms of cardio. Two minutes on the rebounder equals six minutes on the treadmill! What a win when you’re short on time.

Rebounding is a powerful promoter of lymph drainage: each time you sink down, your cells compress, and each time you come up, they relax – increasing your flow of lymph.

Rebounding is anti-ageing! Your skin and muscles tauten in the air as they prepare for a jarring landing – but they bounce instead!

This is a great exercise for new moms. There is no trauma on your joints, and it strengthens the deep abdominals and pelvic floor – exactly what you need after having a baby.

My passion for rebounding is so great that I decided to launch my very own Bounce Back Programme. This passion project was borne out of struggling to find decent rebounding videos online, and knowing first-hand how crucial a good quality, non-jarring yet buoyant rebounder was. If you’d like to know more about this programme or simply invest in your own top quality rebounder, contact us on admin@lisaraleigh.co.za.

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