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Bounce Along with Krista Popowych and the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

To create a challenging workout, work out at intensities above what you would normally do. However, when intensity increases, duration decreases. To get the most out of the intervals, you want to be huffing and puffing by the time you are finished! Try each of these moves for approximately 20 seconds with a quick 10 second recovery. The recovery move will be a holding or balance move. Take a break and then repeat the segment for a challenging 4 minute workout!

Intensity Move (20 seconds) – Recovery Move: Holding Squat (10 seconds)

1. Football runs
2. Lateral hops
3. High knee runs
4. Front and back hops

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  1. courrierdebois
    courrierdebois says:

     Love ya, Krista. I include those four exercises in a twenty minute routine that I do every other day. I go 10 seconds all out with 20 seconds of active rest (full contact health bounce). I've timed you and you barely hit 12 seconds of high intensity work. I think if you could do the 20/10 as you suggest, the 20 seconds would not be very intense.
    If you can do the four exercises twice in series at the 20/10 ratio, please post a video of yourself actually doing it.


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