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Bounce Along with Krista Popowych on the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

If you are fortunate enough to have multiple trampolines, try one of these super fun yet intense exercises.

Configure the trampolines in pairs. Move the trampolines so that they are approximately a foot apart. If you are taller with longer legs, move them slightly further away from each other. You have to play and experiment with it to find the exact distance that works for you.

The key is proper progressions. Try each movement for 30-60 seconds.

• Start by stepping laterally from one trampoline to the other.

• Move to a single leap, travelling from side to side. Be sure to stick the landing. Bring the feet together on the landing.

• Next, progress to a two-foot leap from trampoline to trampoline. To start hold the landing.

• Lastly, advance to continuous leaping. Always focus on maintaining good form and a proper athletic stance.

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