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In this podcast, recorded during the Swiss Clinic retreat that I led in the Swiss Alps two weeks ago, we cover a host of questions from attendees. Strap yourself in and prepare for this massive Q&A that includes the following: -Are you increasing mTOR by taking Kion Aminos throughout the day vs. around a workout? [6:25] 1 gram of amino acids = 1 gram of protein Any protein can be anabolic Exercising with 10 g of aminos is more effective than in a pure fasted state -What are the best protocols for eliminating heavy metals and toxins, and how do you measure success? [10:20] Process vs. Event. Daily detox is far more effective than a yearly or quarterly The Longevity Diet by Dr. Valter Longo Ben’s Kitchari recipe BGF podcast with Dr. Dan Pompa BGF podcast with Dr. Satchin Panda Ben’s personal protocol Sauna treatment everyday Coffee enema weekly Rebounder and vibration platform Biggest detox organ is the skin Mass spectrometry Onegevity NutrEval by Genova Diagnostics GI Effects 3 day gut test Wellness FX Once in a Lifetime Genetic Test Tree of Life BGF podcast w/ Dr. Kharim Dhanani Microbiome analysis: Viome or Onegevity -How to find relief from exercise-induced rhinitis [18:40] HistaBlock Avoid dairy -Is there a threshold between the sympathetic and parasympathetic state? [21:30] There is no threshold Autonomic nervous system sends signal to the heart via vagus nerve Good balance between the two dictates the vagus nerve communication with the heart will be clear High HRV is indicative of healthy balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems Breath work is highly efficacious -What is the latest science on carnivore, ketogenic, vegan diets? [28:15] There is no one “perfect” diet to follow; it’s highly individualized Be aware of your ancestry and adjust your diet accordingly Periods of caloric restriction are very beneficial Ben does a Kitchari cleanse 4x per year -How dangerous are WiFi, cellular, 5G signals? [35:15] BGF podcast w/ Nick Pineault The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF’s by Nick Pineault BGF podcast w/ building biologist Brian Hoyer Shielded Healing dirty electricity filters Will humans evolve to tolerate these hazards? BluShield signal scrambling device Acoustimeter Holding your phone makes you a conductor of EMF Phase Angle (recommended by Dr. Mercola) Defender Shield bluetooth device Yur Buds (amazon) -Ben’s thoughts on vaping, particularly CBD [47:25] -Ben’s thoughts on the Viome results recently discussed on the podcast [49:35] BGF podcast on Ben’s Viome test results Kion Flex is being reformulated When eating at a steak house: HistaBlock Kion Lean Gluten Guardian (4) Charcoal capsules before bed -What is the cause of low ferritin? [57:06] High ferritin is usually the concern Look at diet adjustments High red blood cell turnover Ferritin pyrophosphate – Floradix (link) Increasing intake of iron could be risky for men -How does one know they’re ready to begin the process of detoxification from heavy metals and toxins? [1:00:20] -What is a MTHFR gene mutation and should anyone care? [1:04:00] Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch Stratagene, Dr. Lynch’s company Impaired metabolism It would affect a supplementation protocol -What has piqued Ben’s interest in the realm of anti-aging [1:06:40] Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) Deuterium depleted water BGF podcast w/ Robert Slovak of Water and Wellness Auto immune control Mistletoe extract (link) Keto, CBD, infrared light Hyperthermia Awareness of mitochondrial health Mitigation of EMF Stem cell treatments -Ben’s thoughts on Carbon 60 [1:13:30] An upcoming podcast will be on the topic -Should fats be combined with starches? [1:16:00] Potential oxidation of cholesterol Formation of lipopolysaccharides -How can skinny guys gain muscle mass? [1:20:15] Similar to a body builder’s approach (stronger by science) Dan John’s 18 Week protocol Creatine (link) Peptides -What kind of massages Ben recommends [1:24:55] Deep tissue massage is very beneficial; injury-free Every Wednesday, 2.5 hr. massage Essential oils Music w/ healing frequencies Essential Oil Wizardry BGF podcast w/ Dr. Nick Berry -What do you recommend to enhance recovery from exercise and recovery from injury?…1:28:30 BPC 157 and TB500 peptides Amino acids PEMF therapy Infrared sauna JOOVV light Water and non-weight bearing exercise Magnesium bath salts Fasting (with caution) -Is airplane mode on our cell phones safe, or should we turn them off completely while we’re sleeping? [1:32:25] -What can parents do for their pre-teen children to become strong and healthy young adults? [1:33:45] Unschooling to University by Judy Arnall John Holt Free to Learn by Peter Gray -And much more… Resources mentioned in this episode: – The Longevity Diet by Dr. Valter Longo – Ben’s Kitchari recipe – BGF podcast with Dr. Dan Pompa – BGF podcast with Dr. Satchin Panda – HistaBlock – The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF’s by Nick

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  1. Emma Feigenberg
    Emma Feigenberg says:

    Wow food for thought about fasting!! Skinny post menopause here. For 12 hours max fast id have to jump out of bed and run to the kitchen ? every morning. No way. Hmm. Feel good with short eating window. Though when i excercise a bit tougher (nothing extreme, sadly ?) i do tend to 14 fast only i think… hmm. Maybe fatten my morning coffee’d be good ?. Wondring about all the keto and int fasting advisors… mostly for guys and for weight loss ?? Thank you for all your inspirational info and talks!!


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