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40 Minute Mini Trampoline Interval Workout – Rebound Fitness present 3:2:1 with Errol Barrows

Get super sweaty and burn those calories in this Interval based workout with Errol. 3 Exercises back-to-back for 3 minutes – then rest 3 Exercises back-to-back for 2 minutes – then rest 3 Exercises back-to-back for 1 minute – then rest And then you are ready for Round 2. Bring it on!! Suitable for beginners […]

Rebound Fitness – Bounce & Burn with us!

Rebound Fitness present Bounce and Burn – high energy rebounding fitness workouts for all ages, gender and ability. From beginners and individuals new to exercise to the most challenging Rebound HIIT workouts for athletes and sporting professionals. We’ve got it all. Stream these awesome workouts 24/7 completely FREE! Check-out the “BEFORE YOU START” playlist if […]

30 Minute Rebound Workout for Beginners – Lose Weight FAST!

The Townsend Twins Chloe and Francesca present “double-trouble” in this workout suitable for rebounding beginners. They include progressions to provide a more challenging workout as your rebound fitness improves! With cardio, conditioning and core work, whether you do 10 minutes or the full 30 minute workout you are sure to lose weight fast and strengthen […]