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Introducing bellicon® JUMPING! The ultimate full-body workout on a bellicon mini-trampoline. Coming to Chicago February 21-22. Get certified as a bellicon® JUMPING Trainer – SIGN UP NOW! http://bit.ly/belliconjumping

The bellicon mini-trampoline: extraordinary fitness, customized to fit you perfectly.

The world’s most effective, most enjoyable fitness trampoline is also completely customizable. Our online shop will help you choose the size, performance and style of your bellicon to make sure you get the mini-trampoline that’s perfect for you. You can explore our full range of bellicon models here: https://www.bellicon.com/us_en/shop/introducing-the-bellicon #rebounder #trampoline #minirebounder

New bellicon Comfort Mat | bellicon mini-trampolines

Introducing the Comfort Mat, an enhancement to your existing bellicon® with an innovative padded design. It now offers an expanded jumping area compared to our Classic Mat with the same frame diameter, providing you with more exercise options than ever. Available in the following sizes: 39″, 44″ and 49″ and in several different colors. Shop […]

Mini Trampoline Comparison – The bellicon vs. Spring Based Rebounder (cellerciser)

We hope this short video clip will give you some idea of the performance differences between the bellicon and spring-based mini-trampolines. The Cellerciser was chosen for comparison because it’s the best in its category and its performance is typical of all the major spring-based rebounders on the market including Needak, Reboundair, Urban Rebounder, etc. Take […]