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Hello My Champs!
AChamp is back! This is my quick comeback rebounding video after winning my Pro Card. As most of you know I started doing Master Figure Competitions about 2 year ago. Started with Bikini and moved to Figure. Now at 52 years young I just earned my IFBB Pro Card! Yeah! I am IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness) Pro!
Thank you all for your support and congratulatory remarks. Now I am ready to give you the best of my best rebounding moves!
Let this workout serve as a quick boost any day!

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9 replies
  1. Arnita Champion
    Arnita Champion says:

    This message is for Emma Tramble…."Break the Habit" is one to love however it can be challenging. That is funny the "Wacky Jacks" tend to get people, however you got that one! The key is to make sure you have a bounce in the middle to transition to the other side. You will see I don't go straight to the other side without one bounce in the front. The base leg is also the key to keep you steady. Take it slow and watch…you'll be a master at it! Thanks for bouncing with me! WhenI first ordered my Bellicon I used the payment method! They actually broke my payment into monthly payments! I promise you it so worth it!

  2. snoopy1702
    snoopy1702 says:

    You got HUGE! Thanks for the slower move, I might do this one tomorrow. I am not able to do those side leg things(break the habit) It seems my leg on one side is not as fast as the other and my left side gets tired faster, I have ommitted break the habits because last thing I want to do is tie up my feet and fall off a rebounder.

  3. Maree323
    Maree323 says:

    Look ma no shoes : )))
    Congratulations to you and your hard work.
    This is Great I love the fast moves
    But… Thank you for adding some slow to show that you can get a great workout as well. As you know I bought the bellicon with the ultra cords, but because it is the 44" it still slows me down so I appreciate the slower but I be Trynna keep up on the fast.

  4. snoopy1702
    snoopy1702 says:

    Well Folks! I have officially received a miracle. I did not stop once during this routine. This workout is much slower than some of the earlier ones which killed me when I first started but within two weeks my body was toning up. I have two favorites that I saved to my fav list. I did have trouble keeping up with some of the bouncing in this vid because I have a cellerciser but I did not stop once! I am so proud right now!!!
    Can you do a vid on what you eat,supplements if you take any and protein shakes if you use them.


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