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Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


Enjoy this workout as a morning pick me upper….after work energizer or just a little something different in your workout routine. This workout is just about 15 minutes so join me in getting your bounce on! Remember to visit my website: www.arnitachampion.com
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Eventhough the rebounding shown here is not a Bellicon. I encourage you to get yours! I got mine!
To order yours go to:

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39 replies
  1. Dimension Exo
    Dimension Exo says:

    +Arnita Champion-The Energizer bunny dont have nothing on you ! Exponential Energy ! I am just starting out on my Rebounder and I will like to thank you for all your Inspirational and Motivational Videos ,and I intend to Master them all.Peace.

  2. beatrice ubaka
    beatrice ubaka says:

    Arnita I love all your workouts I just bought a bungee sprung rebounder not by Bellicon a d did this workout what a difference..my question is I could not bounce as fast as I used to is it because of the bungee cords or the size of trampoline 54'? Will I get use to the bounce or do I need a smaller rebounder? Bea x

  3. victoria Wyckoff
    victoria Wyckoff says:

    Hi Arnita, I know is an old video but I just got my rebounder and so excited I found you on youtube!! You are such an inspiration for those of us in our 50's! I already did one of your work outs to day and can wait to work up to this work out, still finding my balance! Thanks again!

  4. Bex kent
    Bex kent says:

    The last 5 mins I wasn't doing all the moves but I kept moving and I'm quiet proud. I may of wet my self and bought on an asthma attack but I hope I wasn't the only one ? my calf muscles are on fire? the school run is going to be very slow paced now lol

  5. Ms. Utopia
    Ms. Utopia says:

    I'm trying to really get into this video and concentrate but the music is so loud and annoying. I can't stand trying to listen to someone talk while I'll music is playing

  6. Dawn Walters
    Dawn Walters says:

    After 5 min of watching this and jamming to the music, I am going to go rebound right now! ** just finished and I’m drenched! And I had to simplify since I’m just getting back into shape! Keeping this one on my playlist and will build up to doing it full out. Yassssssss! Thank you!

  7. Paulie Walnuts
    Paulie Walnuts says:

    Girl you give me LIFE! Greetings from the UK – you’ve got a new subscriber here! I’m totally new to this, but need some help! I have a £30 piece of junk rebounder that is really not doing my back any favours and is saggy as hell! I can’t afford the Bellicon (yet) – what would you recommend as a great alternative that’s in the middle? I want to be able to bounce as fast as you! Keep doing what you’re doing, and THANK YOU!!!


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