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Everyone has a bad race. If you haven’t, you’re probably very new to the sport, haven’t gone hard enough or put yourself on an uncomfortable edge. Today we look at that, how conditions impact your race, and how you can rebound after a few things go wrong. But it’s much more including why learning is the key to 

– Rebounding from a sub-par race – Post race depression and/or lack of confidence – Balancing your passions – Getting rid of things that don’t help you move forward – The nerve wracking experience of a coach on race day with multiple athletes on the course – Why sticking with a routine is critical, especially after races – What’s it going to take to get to Kona? – How to be kind to yourself after races – Why expectations can be future resentments – Runner’s cough and phlegm  – How we really feel about Kale – Our relationship with the sport – NHL Stanley Cup Playoff observations from Nashville – Looking at the horizon vs. staying in the moment We have a few slots open for our upcoming triathlon camp in Nashville. Sign up now for an awesome experience. C26 Triathlon Camp July 13-16.  Please subscribe and comment on iTunes Email: CrushingIron@gmail.com www.crushingiron.com

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