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Learn the Proven Science Behind Rebounding!


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This is a really nice easy routine to follow that will keep your cardio levels up for a full 30 minutes. If you are new to step its a great one to start with and if you are a regular stepper, then go up a step and challenge your legs further.

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As with all of our workouts, take it at your own pace and have a rest or water breaks where you feel it’s necessary. If you have any injuries, medical conditions or you are not used to physical activities, please consult your doctor before taking part in any exercise.

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  1. Jennifer Sherburn
    Jennifer Sherburn says:

    Wow, did this one straight after your first step video, to take it to an hour's work out. Tempo of this one was quick and I was hanging by the end! ?? loved it though, great cardio, sweating buckets and legs burning. Liked the parting shot of squats to totally beast us at the end!
    Need to practise my 'knee, lunge, 1234' ??


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