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Hello Champions!
As I said I am re-mixing and revising my workout videos that had “technical difficulties”. I am bringing it back with similar moves, new body, and new music! Get ready this one is a Cardio Video Workout that will get you going! It was three years since this workout was recorded and at 53 years young in this video I still find it fun yet a good challenge to keep up!

I am on the 44 inch Bellicon Rebounder with Ultra Strong Cords (I usually use the 39 inch but I wanted to go bigger just to see how it felt! And it is all good!

So get ready to feel the burn with this one!

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35 replies
  1. Jade Ara
    Jade Ara says:

    INCREDIBLE that you are 53!!! WOW! never would have thought- you must be doing something right!I like your workouts but they would be so much more amazing if they could be filmed outdoors or at least with a window view.

  2. Anne-Marie Shiels
    Anne-Marie Shiels says:

    I absolutely love your energy, you look fantastic and I love rebounder workouts but I find this beat too fast to keep up with at the same pace. I swapped my strong cords for ultra cords thinking the tightness would improve my pace but I still can't do it as fast. I'm only short and reasonably light too so not sure what the problem is.

  3. Rosi Bee
    Rosi Bee says:

    You are amazing. I have been inspired to get the bellicon to exercise and loose weight with some women..I will show this as we are all the same age..These videos are only aspirational for me so far but hope to be able to do them one day…

  4. Cristina Marchesini
    Cristina Marchesini says:

    io ho trovato da poco tempo in rete questo video devo dire che lo trovo fantastico, completo per tutta la muscolatura, divertente, si molto divertente con la musica ok, lo eseguo a casa spesso durante la settimana alternato ad altri per cambiare ma quando parte questo video è festa! Complimenti e un grazie a Arnita.


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