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This is my 2019 In The Bag video, and we can’t wait to finally post regularly again. Good Luck on the Giveaway, and Pop’s will work on his bag video soon as well.

Thank you so much for watching, we hope you’ve enjoyed our content!

I use my Cellerciser every morning while watching motivational videos to give me balance, get my cardio in, and help work my entire lymphatic system. It’s helped my Disc Golf game as well!
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38 replies
  1. Xander Zaretzit
    Xander Zaretzit says:

    The Family Tucker, back at it in full effect! My friend, you are a disc golf inspiration. Your intro was perverse and crass and some people may not appreciate that level of humor… so I giggled and then felt bad then I giggled again after that.
    Pops, we love ya. Stay healthy and happy, please, no more scaring the loved ones. Though I have to say, the man's looking svelt over here, 50+ pounds?!!! My dude, even your throws in the video look like you're throwing faster, am I wrong?

    Legit, I could not be more stoked to see the lemonade you've squeezed from a lemon of past year. Bravo, gents, bravo.

    – Pharaoh

  2. Ether Cowboy
    Ether Cowboy says:

    Glad to see you're making videos again Dave! Can't wait to see some footage from Pops. Is the Zuca the cart of choice for you? I just picked up a R3 RidgeRoller and plan to trick it out for glow golf with UV lights inside. EtherCowboy/XrayLion

  3. Macky D
    Macky D says:

    Glad to hear your dad is doing well. I need to lose me some weight. You're looking Dave, keep it up. I've been wondering about Infinites disc line. I'd be more than obliged to check it out.

  4. Zach Efird
    Zach Efird says:

    I would love to try the Pharaoh! On your MVP longest disc, you didn’t say what they were! Lol
    Keep losing that wt, 50lbs is awesome, u should go pick up a 50lb wt and think this was on me lol… i did that and it blows your mind …. keep the videos coming always like them

  5. Felix Vega
    Felix Vega says:

    Very happy to see you pushing out some content again and representing for us big boys. Disc golf has helped me lose 50 lbs and counting also man. Great to see you looking legitimately happy again. Wish you and pops all the best bro. Keep pushing forward.


    P.S. I’ve been subscribed for the past year and just changed my privacy settings so hopefully that will you verify me. I know how hard it can be to track subs when people privacy settings block that. We have a channel called Ace Run Productions and it’s all about the DG. Check it out sometime if you’re bored. Maybe we can collaborate sometime together.

  6. Italian Eleven
    Italian Eleven says:

    i too have fallen in love with the forbidden. I can't get enough vibram, the valley and ibex have been my gems. congrats on your weight loss and thanks for the excellent in the bag!! that Pharaoh is really pretty, not sure if i would put it on the wall or throw it.

  7. contivertible63
    contivertible63 says:


    Best. Intro. Everrrr. ???

    Great in the bag, brother! Its nice seeing a bag set up for the average Joe disc golfer. We should all have discs in our bag to go right, straight and left! I also love that you have a mixed bag of brands. Go with what works! Pros are kind of handcuffed in the sense that they are limited to throw what their sponsors will allow them to throw. I'm sure Ricky is wishing he still had a harp in his bag and Mcbeast is fiending for a Nova, haha. Keep at it with the lifestyle changes. I'm proud of the progress in your health, and disc golf game!


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