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This is today’s BODYBUILDING workout I did on my Cellerciser rebounder. It targets the abs and upper back/shoulders. If you follow along, please take time to warm up and down sufficiently to avoid injury. My goal is to use muscles that aren’t too sore and do the most I can in the shortest amount of time! I always have a BLAST jumping and playing on my rebounder and I hope you will too.
There is no sound in this video except for timed bells so play your favorite music and HAVE FUN! Cellercise.com

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  1. Denise D
    Denise D says:

    Hi there, I’m wanting to buy another bar, sold mine to a friend because one I couldn’t put it on and two I felt I was strong enough without it. But now you have these to follow and it makes me want one. Do you prefer the original or the newer smaller one? I’d like to get it before the new year so I can start the specific routines that I need to work on.
    Thanks for all y’all do!


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